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Holistic Aromatherapy Services

Packages Available​


Pre-Book 5 appointments and receive the 6th one FREE


Gift Vouchers Available

Cancellation Policy


Please provide a  minimum of 24 hours notice by telephone or in person for cancellation.

Our Cowichan Essential Health & Wellness Promise

We are located in Cobble Hill and it is a sacred space for healing.

 Nickie operates with absolute integrity and respect for your body, mind and emotions and protects your privacy as well as any information you choose to share.

Do you feel:

Stressed, Tired, Exhausted

Lethargic, Unmotivated, 

Overwhelmed, Rushed

Emotional, Unheard



Do you have:

Chronic Aches, Pain, or Tension


Do you struggle with:

Mood Swings, Anxiety, Worry

Getting to sleep and staying asleep

Lack of Passion


Does your mind keep racing?


Have you experienced:

grief or loss, such as the death of a loved one, divorce, job loss. 

Do you want to feel:


Happy and Joyous

Calm, Rested

Peaceful, Contented 



Do you wish that someone would 

Listen and Hear you


Do you need:

a little peace and quiet,

some time to

 Nurture yourself


If any of these apply, you’ve finally found the right place.


You are not living your best life unless your mind, body and spirit are balanced and healthy.


Start your healing today!

Our Essential Services
  • This is more than an ordinary massage.
    1 hr
    100 Canadian dollars
  • Eases knots and tensions in your head, neck, shoulders
    30 min
    60 Canadian dollars
  • Deeply relaxing and healing
    45 min
    85 Canadian dollars
  • Restoring health and balance through the feet
    45 min
    80 Canadian dollars
  • Custom Blends and Quality Essential Oils
    1 hr
    See Our Online Store
  • Advice on Safe use of Essential Oils and Blends
    15 min
    Call to discuss plan
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