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About Nickie Pearce

My Approach  


I know that "dis-ease" is often the underlying cause of disease which is why I encourage  holistic therapy modalities to ease stress, reduce tension and encourage harmonious energy alignment within the human system.  


After witnessing results in others as well as personally experiencing the benefits of holistic therapies, I trained at the world renowned Purple Flame School of Aromatherapy in England under the tutelage of founder Christine Sapsford. 

 Eastern medicine philosophy, guidance in spiritual and energy work, understanding the effects of trauma and cellular memory in the manifestation of chronic disease, all formed a major part of the studies. 


As a mother of two now-grown daughters, I understand the emotional ups and downs of parenting and can help you to care for yourself and stay more balanced and grounded when the going gets tough or you need time our for self-care.  


Having worked in financial services for a number of years while also raising a child with a chronic illness,  I have experienced the fine balance and connection between health & wealth and the impact each has in the absence of the other. I can offer practical support and understanding to help you navigate your emotions in these areas. 

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I emigrated to Canada with my family in 2004 and have made Cobble Hill my home ever since. I will never tire of the beautiful scenery of the Cowichan Valley.


Between working and studying, I enjoy swimming, walking, reading, and hanging out with family, friends and grand-dogs.



My parents provide the safety to explore life and chase my dreams. They taught me nurturing, coping skills and integrity. 

My daughters inspire me daily in how they embrace life and encourage me to get out of my comfort zone. They have been my biggest blessing and greatest teachers.

My siblings know me better than anybody, offering insight, honesty and never-ending belief in me. Along with extended family, they provide my roots and identity. 

My friends have reflected and accepted who I am and allowed me to grow with encouragement and support.

My beautiful chocolate lab, Dixie, was my inspiration & buddy for 13 years. He was solid in stature as well as in wise presence, truly demonstrating how Dog reflects God with qualities such as kindness, calmness, forgiveness, gentleness, companionship, enthusiasm, patience and tolerance.    

My Background

I qualified as an Aromatherapist in 1992, gaining an Advanced Diploma in the Art and Understanding of Aromatherapy, Stress Management, Deep Relaxation, In-depth study of the Use & Blending of Pure Essential Oils, Advanced Anatomy & Physiology, Applied Psychology & Philosophy, 

all of which included the continuous assessment of written work, practical work and special projects.


I later trained in Indian Head Massage and Reflexology.


 Over the years, I expanded my interest in energy and began learning about the chakra system, vibrational sound and colour, eventually becoming certified as a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher.


As part of my journey, I have taken courses that have helped to enhance my skills and understanding. These include peer counselling and sexual assault advocacy training which resulted in volunteering in my community.    

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Registered Aromatherapist



Registered Aromatherapist (RA).


Essential Oil Therapist (EOT)


Usui Reiki Master


International Institute of Health & Holistic Therapies (IIHHT) 



Nickie is proud to be a member of the British Columbia Alliance of Aromatherapists (BCAOA)

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Peer Counsellor

As part of my journey, I have taken courses that have helped to enhance my skills & understanding. These include peer counselling and sexual advocacy training which resulted in volunteering in my community.  

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