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Trying Times

There’s a lot going on right now, it’s all new and undoubtedly concerning. 

Here, I offer a few of the things I find beneficial as I go about my life. 

A face cloth or two in a ziploc with squirty soap is a good alternative if you have no hand wipes or hand sanitizer.  Also ideal to wipe down handrails, counters and  door knobs.

Hand sanitizer is for use when there is no water and soap, using it should be a reminder to wash hands as soon as you can.

We are all in this together, so let’s find our compassion and consideration for others. Everyone has different limits. A great question to ask ourselves is “how can I be of service”. 

Smile at people-often! that is enough to connect

Share stuff if possible and don’t hoard

Breathe...we are all most likely unconsciously tense, so please take regular deep breaths. It is good for your lungs and can help reduce further respiratory complications in those who have colds or underlying issues. Deep breathing is also great to control the central nervous system and release anxiety & tension. 

Breathe in for a count of five, hold for five, out for five, hold for five. Repeat three times increasing the count if possible. 

Try meditation & visualization - calm & peace are found within. Imagine where you want to be. Your body doesn’t know the difference between what is real and what you are imagining. Take it on a journey. 

Exercise is good for body & mind. Take walks in fresh air if you can and aren’t isolating, otherwise do home based exercise like Yoga or Pilates

Sleep is a valuable part of the immune system - now’s the time to catch up 

Listen to your body. It will tell you what it needs.

Take time out to restore yourself. Walk, listen & sing to music, dance, watch a comedy, chat with a friend, read a book, be in nature.

Journal. Both to empty your head and to jot down what you are grateful for

If isolating let people know, or reach out to those who are. In this age of technology nobody needs to feel alone - Face-time is a great way to connect, but phone calls will be appreciated by the elderly.

The sun is a source of vitamin D. Get out in the sun or soak it up through a window.

Eat well

Get in the garden - preferably bare feet. There’s something grounding about getting your hands in soil & walking barefoot on the earth. If you can do this at sunrise you’ll really feel the benefit.

Seek out moving water, oceans or rivers. Sit beside it, dip your toes. Tell it your troubles and let them flow away. Throw a few small rocks on the beach. 

Cry if you need to...tears are great healers and help shift energy.

Trust all will be well, we can’t see it now but there‘s always a bigger picture 

Model good behaviour - your children are watching. Are you operating with decency, dignity, integrity and grace? Can you find the beauty & wonder amidst the chaos & fear?  I know it’s not easy...I really do. I’ve experienced sickness and faced death, sat waiting for endless hours & days in hospitals, but through it I found silver linings in the dark clouds. 

There is beauty & blessings all around. 

Be it, look for it, see it. 

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